About Us


Jen Grant, BS, MT, owner of Salted Desert, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services and Nutrition. She holds a Massage Therapy Certificate and is a Reiki Master/Teacher, and author. As an artist, Jen has created a new medium for remote Reiki sessions, called Crystal Gourd Reiki and is developing their use in other complementary therapies. Her continuing battle with Fibromyalgia has been the inspiration for opening Salted Desert and evolving it into a self-care, wellness spa. In her free time, Jen enjoys creating multimedia artwork, including decorative gourds, jewelry, and Southwest- inspired masks. A native of the Chicago-land area, she has called Arizona home since 2006.


Pete Grant, BS, RN, owner of Salted Desert, is a Mayo Clinic trained Critical Care Nurse with over 17 years of bedside experience. As a passionate educator, his broad medical knowledge and experience provide a basis the blog he writes for Salted Desert. As well as writing, Pete enjoys photography and is a Pink Floyd enthusiast. A native of the Chicago-land area, she has called Arizona home since 2006.


Gwen is a Certified Health Coach through Quantum University.  She was born and raised in Arizona and has always had a passion for health and healing.  She has been studying various forms of alternative medicine for the past 15 years and is now convinced that the way you think and feel has a lot to do with the way in which your body operates.  Her passion lies in supporting others to become more aware of their energetic body.  Encouraging them to celebrate what makes them unique so that they can start living life unapologetically as themselves.


Our cutest team member is always with us in spirit – but, mostly works from home sending love and good vibes! We rescued this Border Collie/ Labrador Retriever mixed sweetheart in 2021 from HALO Animal Rescue. In his free time, Floyd enjoys daycare fun, walks, treats of ANY kind, and lots cuddles.
Salted Desert