Try the Oxygen Advantage Way

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Nurse Pete

Is it me, or does it seem like we are in the midst of a health and spiritual renaissance across America? More and more people are leaving behind old ways and beginning new ones. Maybe it’s that chain-smoking neighbor who tells you she’s starting to attend yoga and mindfulness classes to deal with addiction. Maybe your diehard carnivore uncle is tired of taking cholesterol and blood pressure medications and now starts out his meals with a big salad (and a little less meat). Maybe Mom cuts out a half hour of her nighttime “programming” to go for a brisk walk instead. The people that you least expected are now seeking a healthier life.

Last year, I began my health and spiritual evolution. There were several factors that motivated me to get healthy – mentally and physically. One very important impetus was my reading of The Oxygen Advantage book by Patrick McKeown. The core principles behind this program were profound. As a critical care nurse with extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, I had never thought about how someone’s method of breathing could have such dramatic effects on their body and mind.

Many of the chronic conditions that I’ve encountered with patients – such as sleep apnea, anxiety, asthma, you name it – could improve by simply changing how one breathes. Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep at night without a machine forcing air down your throat? How about being able to exercise longer without feeling so short of breath you want to vomit? How would you like to be able to quiet your mind from all of its useless chatter so you can actually focus on something of importance?

What I really like about the Oxygen Advantage technique is that it is based on scientific principles and doesn’t require expensive equipment. The exercises can be done almost anywhere and at any time. Some of the core principles of this method that you learn is to always breathe through the nose (especially at night), and to breathe deep and light.

I’m excited to announce that I have become a certified Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor. I invite you to take a journey toward a better life. I have experienced the benefits of the Oxygen Advantage program firsthand, and now wish to share my knowledge and teach others. It is not something that you will do and then forget. The Oxygen Advantage breathwork is a way of life. You will change the way you breathe forever and never look back!

Starting in early 2024, I am offering in-person Oxygen Advantage training sessions at Salted Desert. There are several different training packages available depending on an individual’s health goals. In addition to a basic package, I will also offer a more advanced class that is specific to competitive athletes. As an athlete, you will learn how to adapt the Oxygen Advantage technique during periods of intense exercise to optimize oxygenation.

Call Salted Desert today to discuss any questions you may have and to schedule your Oxygen Advantage breath training.

Enjoy wellness,
Nurse Pete