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sound & Vibe therapy

Vibroacoustic Therapy is a new sound technology that uses specially formulated sound and vibrations to invoke relaxation and alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia while boosting vitality and mental clarity. Vibroacoustic Therapy affects the body on a cellular level bringing balance to the nervous system helping to regulate emotions and alleviating the endless mind chatter.


The benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy Include the following:

  • Increased Relaxation

  • Better Sleep

  • Deep Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Increased Positivity

  • Increased Focus and Concentration

  • Body Healing

  • Lower Stress

  • Eliminate Anxiety

  • Release Shock and Trauma

  • Emotional Recovery

Vibroacoustic Therapy offers you a unique experience combining both sound and vibrational frequencies. Speakers are embedded directly into our bed allowing sound waves to pass through our skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and by passing therapeutic sound wave frequencies through the skin we can start to affect the body on a cellular level altering the body’s vibrational resonance, resulting in a more harmonious state of being. The “Vibe Bed” offers you the opportunity to connect deeply with your internal environment allowing for a deeply relaxing inner experience as you’ve never had before. When our bodies enter a state of relaxation this is where true healing can occur.

The Bioharmonic sound and vibrational frequencies are specially formulated using sacred geometry patterning and mathematics assisting in balancing the body on a molecular level. All of our sound and vibe experiences are customizable by our Sound Therapy practitioner Gwen Helvie.

Gwen Photo.heic

Gwen is a Certified Health Coach through Quantum University.  She was born and raised in Arizona and has always had a passion for health and healing.  She has been studying various forms of alternative medicine for the past 15 years and is now convinced that the way you think and feel has a lot to do with the way in which your body operates.  Her passion lies in supporting others to become more aware of their energetic body.  Encouraging them to celebrate what makes them unique so that they can start living life unapologetically as themselves. 

Salt & Sound

Introductory Salt and Sound 30-minute $   69.00

A 10-minute Salt Session and a 30-minute Vibroacoustic Session - first-time visits only. One per person

Introductory Salt and Sound 60-minute  $109.00

A 10-minute Salt Session and a 60-minute Vibroacoustic Session - first-time visits only. One per person

Sound only

Introductory Sound Session 30-minute $   59.00

A 30-minute Vibroacoustic Session - first-time visits only. One per person


Introductory Sound Session 60-minute  $99.00

A 60-minute Vibroacoustic Session - first-time visits only. One per person

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