Salted Desert Now Carrying Aromatherapy Products

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Uncategorized

Salted Desert is excited to announce that we will be distributing aromatherapy products by H2E Aromatherapy. H2E is a locally based, Phoenix company founded by Nicholas Cappele. Nicholas is truly a modern-day alchemist and master blender. He uses only the purest of essential oils in his products. There is nothing synthetic about what he does and his passion for creating beautiful, healing products is evident. We have had the pleasure of sampling some of Nicholas’ essential oil products and they are incredible.

The use of essential oils for healing and general well-being has been around for thousands of years. Essential oils stimulate our nervous system, particularly the limbic portion which is a primary center for regulating our emotions. Some formal studies on aromatherapy report participants having decreased levels of anxiety and depression. Some select groups have reported reduced pain after undergoing certain surgical procedures.

Ancient societies relied heavily on plant extracts for a multitude of uses, including the healing of wounds. Many essential oils are naturally antimicrobial and have been used as disinfectants. The most popular methods for using essential oils are through inhalation and applying directly to the skin. If you do apply oils directly to the skin be cautious at first. Some oils can irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If you have any doubts you should try a small test area on the skin or consult a dermatologist.

On a side note, for all you Arizona residents: there are some reports that scorpions are repelled by lavender. Hmm. Keep those creepy-crawlies out and make your house smell good doing it!

So, come on in to Salted Desert and get yourself some aromatherapy. See how relaxed you feel. You might sleep better and keep those stress levels down. For more information on the benefits of aromatherapy, follow the link below:

Stay safe and be well,