Professional Athletes Integrate The Benefits Of Salt Therapy

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When we engage in exercise our bodies require the availability of a large amount of oxygen. Atomic number 8 on the periodic table and is used in aerobic respiration (with oxygen). Oxygen is a critical factor in this complex process that is done at the cellular level, and in a nutshell, produces the energy needed to keep our cells and organs alive and healthy.

Athletes know the distinct feeling when they push their bodies to the limit of aerobic respiration and beyond. With their tissues starving for more oxygen, they quickly become fatigued, and endurance dwindles. Their muscles start to painfully cramp from the buildup of lactic acid, a byproduct of anaerobic respiration (without oxygen) when there isn’t enough oxygen available to meet the body’s needs. The primary goal of any athlete should be to optimize their oxygenation for as long as possible.

So, how does salt therapy help? Well, let’s just have a quick refresher on the benefits of salt therapy and how it helps achieve increased oxygenation capability. Salt, first and foremost, attracts water. When it reaches the respiratory tract it pulls moisture, thereby helping to thin out thick mucus that may be partially blocking your airways. It should help make it easier to cough up those thick secretions and clear them from your lungs. The salt will also help open up your nasal cavity and sinuses, allowing you to breathe more effortlessly through your nose. Your entire respiratory tract will be more open, less inflamed, and allow better airflow and gas exchange. This is exactly the outcome any athlete would want – to provide optimal oxygen intake.

In case you were wondering, dry salt therapy IS being used by many professional athletes today. From football and hockey players to professional dancers, they have integrated the benefits of breathing salt into their regular training routines. Just by doing a quick search on the internet, you will find stories about these athletes. Back in February 2022, the National Hockey League announced that the Arizona Coyotes would be using a type of booth that incorporates red light and salt therapy.

To watch a video of San Francisco 49er’s free safety, Jimmie Ward, discuss his experience with salt therapy follow the link below:

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