Pete Grant


Pete Grant

BS, RN, owner of Salted Desert, is a Mayo Clinic-trained Critical Care Nurse with over 17 years of bedside nursing experience.

He is a passionate advocate for alternative health treatments that don’t involve pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. Pete’s extensive medical knowledge and experience provide the foundation for the health blog he writes for Salted Desert. In addition, he frequently creates video content related to salt therapy and general health topics. Pete enjoys time in nature, photography, and is a Pink Floyd enthusiast. A native of the Chicago area, he has called Arizona home since 2006.


I never thought about being a nurse when I was young. I started out down the career path of business and manufacturing operations, but after several years I found myself desiring a change. With some guidance from Jen, I decided to enroll in nursing and found that I really felt a deep sense of purpose helping other people during their health crisis’. This began my long road of 17 plus years in critical care nursing. I have spent enough time in the American healthcare system to recognize its major limitations. Our conventional model of medicine emphasizes treatments for acute or emergent care, and the management of chronic illness. What it doesn’t emphasize is preventing disease in the first place. And isn’t that the most important consideration? I was drawn to the various complementary alternative medicine options because they incorporate mostly drug-free, non-invasive therapies. Treatments like halotherapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, red light, vibroacoustic therapy, meditation, reiki, and aromatherapy are several therapies that I have engaged in that provide me positive health benefits. And what’s nice is that I don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects or painful recovery from procedures. During a family vacation years ago, Jen had told me about her first halotherapy experience. I was intrigued and began my research on this unique therapy, only to discover that it had been used in Europe for decades for relief of many respiratory conditions. My first halotherapy experience was very positive. It was relaxing and gave me an opportunity to focus on my breathing. I remember how my nasal passages felt more open and breathing became effortless. Jen and I felt passionate about bringing this safe, drug-free therapy to our Phoenix community.
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