Music as Stress Relief

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Uncategorized

You may already be feeling the stress of a new year. Despite our hopes for a better year than 2023, life is life, right? Stuff is still going to happen, and we still feel a certain level of stress in our lives just trying to keep up. Perhaps, you just paid off your car loan and a mechanic tells you that you need a new transmission. Maybe your kid is sick with a 103 degree fever and is going to miss that debut dance recital. Whatever is going on in your life, try one simple activity for de-stressing: listen to your favorite music.

Music, the universal “language”. An art form than transcends all cultures and languages. Understanding the lyrics to a song is only part of the experience. But everyone can speak to the rhythm they feel. Music is so important in my life. I admit that I don’t create any music, but I just appreciate the act of listening to music. The complexities of music range from the low, vibrating hum of the single piece Didgeridoo to a 30-piece classical orchestra. Its magical qualities are timeless and have gone on to shape every human culture that ever existed. The power of music can be transformative.

Musical tastes are a very personal thing, and sometimes attempting to pick your favorite music group or song is like trying to decide your favorite arm or leg. Right or left? Well, I kind of like all of my extremities equally, thank you. It’s an impossible choice. And we put different music on during certain moods or activities throughout the day. Maybe it’s Metallica (I’m aging myself) for those intense workouts. Maybe it’s Pink Floyd for winding down the day. Maybe it’s The Smiths to carry your thoughts away. Whatever it is, music speaks to our individual souls. Be careful, too. Insult somebody’s favorite band, and you better prepare to go to war.

Not wanting to feel stressed about this blog, I decided to listen to some music while writing it. I don’t usually do this, as it can be distracting to me at times, but to prove my point that music is stress relief I put on some ambient tracks by Marconi Union. It did help me relax and loosen up the inhibitions of my writing mind. I felt a little freer with my expressions and less judgmental of what I’m putting down on paper. But don’t just take my word for it.

Much research has been conducted by the medical profession regarding music therapy, and the health benefits of listening to music is well established. Putting on the tunes has been proven to reduce anxiety and improve mood. With relaxation comes a reduction in blood pressure, heart rate, and pain levels. It’s not surprising either that music is reported to help improve sleep quality. Who hasn’t fallen asleep with ear buds in place? So, bottom line, keep listening to more and more music. Look at it as inexpensive and readily accessible therapy.

Along the lines of music therapy is something else we offer here at Salted Desert. It’s called vibroacoustic therapy. It combines music and sound tones synchronized with physical vibrations that are felt while lying on a specialized mattress. This is one of my favorite health activities, and the one that really leaves me feeling peaceful and relaxed afterwards. The frequencies of sound and the vibrations act to stimulate the nervous system into a state of calm. You just kind of have to experience it for yourself. Please, visit our website at for more information on the Vibe.

Enjoy wellness,
Nurse Pete