Jen Grant


Jen Grant

BS, MT, owner of Salted Desert, has a bachelor’s degree in social services and nutrition.

She holds a Massage Therapy Certificate and is a Reiki Master/Teacher, and author. As an artist, Jen has created a new medium for remote Reiki sessions, called Crystal Gourd Reiki and is developing their use in other complementary therapies. Her continuing battle with Fibromyalgia has been the inspiration for opening Salted Desert and evolving it into a self-care, wellness spa. In her free time, Jen enjoys creating multimedia artwork, including decorative gourds, jewelry, and Southwest-inspired masks. A native of the Chicago-land area, she has called Arizona home since 2006.


I have always wanted to help people. I got a degree in social services to help people on an emotional level. I obtained a massage therapy certificate hoping to help people on a physical level. And then I became a Reiki master to help people on a spiritual level. Little did I know that I would need the knowledge of all three of these aspects combined to help myself after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009. The widespread pain, unrelenting fatigue, and sleep disturbances were life altering and daunting. It was as if one day a switch was flipped and the course of my life changed – resulting in me spending the next decade, mostly in bed, struggling to find an identity as a person with a chronic illness. I kept searching and trying different therapies, medications, exercises, diets, and after years of trying different things, I felt defeated and alone. Then one day, while on vacation my sister-in-law invited me to a salt spa and the moment I stepped into the salt room, I knew it was for me. After the treatment, I felt so calm and relaxed, but the biggest gift came that evening when I slept deeply. I woke up the next day so refreshed, thankful, and wanting to go get in another treatment before I had to go back home. I can remember meeting people in the salt room who had driven over an hour seeking relief for a myriad of reasons. I can remember asking Pete, “Why did being in salted air make me feel so much better?” He explained to me the simple, yet powerful, natural benefits of salt and I knew I wanted to share this with as many people as I could. Halotherapy reinvigorated my quest for balance in my life and by 2018 I had determined that I would open a salt spa and the dream for Salted Desert was born. It took us about a year working with a Small Business Administration SCORE Mentor to put a business plan together and by late summer 2019 we were open. Unfortunately, in the spring of 2020 we, like everyone else in the world, were shut down by the pandemic. All the momentum we were building with our small business came to a standstill – our hopes and dreams that we invested in were left in question. After two long, difficult years, we got it together and we were able to re-open. It was a real testament to faith, and it’s been uplifting with every customer that comes in and says, “I stopped by hoping you were going to re-open!” because as an energetics worker, I know the true value of that. I am grateful for my customers and missed chatting with them. I made a promise to myself that when we reopened, I would make a space for other healing practitioners and now I am building a wellness center born from my own needs and desires. I chose Halotherapy because it calms my nervous system. It helps me breathe and I sleep better. I’m incorporating Red Light Therapy because I’ve been using a red light since the early 2000s when I went to massage school. I use it for every physical ailment I encounter, and it is incredible for reducing inflammation. I love Reiki because it is such a gentle healing that doesn’t require the recipient to do anything but receive. I have even incorporated my art into this energy work in the form of Crystal Gourds. I feel so fortunate to have met Gwen, her and her daughter were one of my Halotherapy customers, and that she has introduced me to Vibroacoustic Therapy. I’m constantly amazed that I can either be relaxed or uplifted after a vibe session. I love the inner, meditative experience it elicits for me. I love using Aromatherapy and sharing simple ways that salt can improve your health.