Is It Time To Put On The Red Light?

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You may have heard about Red Light Therapy (RLT) from somewhere but didn’t really know what it was. And I’m not talking about the “red light” that Sting croons about in the Police song “Roxanne”. The red light I’m referring to has an abundance of positive health benefits. You should definitely be thinking about putting on the red light.

Before we became such an industrialized society Americans spent a lot more time outdoors where they received natural sunlight. Back in the 1800’s we were still largely an agricultural society that had our own land and raised livestock and grew crops. That, of course, changed radically once technology came along and put people into factories and offices. We stopped working the fields and now worked the assembly lines. We also lost out on the positive effects of certain wavelengths of light that we used to get abundantly from sunshine. Red light being one of them.

Not all light is created equal. There are various wavelengths of light that is visible to the human eye. Red light waves are nearest to the infrared spectrum and characteristically have the longest wavelengths of visible light. The unique structure of red light allows it to penetrate much deeper into the body, compared to shorter wavelengths such as blue light. Whereas blue light may penetrate the superficial layers of the skin, red light can penetrate into the deep tissues, joints, and even organs.

So, how did the concept of using light for healing come about? Well, as far back as the late 1800’s, a Danish physician, Dr. Finson, was studying the effects of concentrated wavelengths of light on certain types of skin lesions. He observed very positive results using light to heal wounds and eventually was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903 for his work. Fast forward almost a hundred years later to the 1990’s…

NASA researchers were studying the effects of red light impact on plant growth. After showing positive results on plant growth and overall health, they turned their studies toward the human body. They found faster wound healing among astronauts. The red-light movement was born from these days of NASA research.

Through numerous studies on red light therapy, it was eventually determined that red light wavelengths stimulated the energy centers of our cells. These centers, called mitochondria, are responsible for the creation of ATP, the form of energy that is used for all cellular functions and growth. Cells that are damaged from direct injury or oxidative stress could be stimulated by red light to make energy faster and more available to the cell. This, in turn, leads to shorter recovery time for healing.

 The benefits of Red Light Therapy include:

  • Faster wound healing through reduced inflammation
  • Healthier skin through increased collagen production
  • Faster muscle recovery from exercise through increased cellular energy production
  • Reduce musculoskeletal pain from reduced inflammation
  • Better sleep through stimulation of melatonin production
  • Hair growth through stimulation of hair follicles

 Coming soon, Salted Desert will be offering red light therapy to our clients. We are so excited to be providing this safe, drug-free, and non-invasive treatment. Many professional athletes have incorporated red light therapy into their fitness regimen. Give it a try for yourself. Please visit our website for updates on when red light will be available. 

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 Stay safe and be well,

 Nurse Pete