Gwen Helvie


Gwen Helvie

Certified Health Coach through Quantum University.

She will soon be a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner to help individuals release trapped emotions in the energy body and help clients become more aware of how their thoughts and emotions become their tools for manifestation. She was born and raised in Arizona and has always had an interest in health and healing. Through her passion for Vibroacoustic Therapy she can support others while they become more aware of their energetic body and learn to tune into their own unique vibration.


I have always been fascinated with the human body and how everything works so smoothly together. As a former nursing student, I noticed that many of my patients were experiencing some type of emotional crisis and found that this was largely unattended to. I was disturbed that I couldn’t provide my patients with the compassion and care I knew they needed and had a feeling that their emotional crisis was somehow contributing to their disease. This prompted me to set out on my own course of study, reading countless books on Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Nutrition, Reiki, and various forms of Holistic Healing, seeing if I could find the answer to the question: “do our emotions contribute to disease? It wasn’t until I got my Health Coaching Certification that I felt I found what I had been searching for and more. My studies focused on the wholeness of an individual. Quantum Science recognizes that at our core we are energetic beings made of light and vibration and that we have many levels to our form. From our thoughts and emotions to the energetic meridians that run through our bodies, to our spirit that is connected to something greater than ourselves, and of course our physical bodies. Through my studies I have found that we are here to experience life in our own unique way and that each person is designed differently. But it’s those differences that we need to celebrate. I am passionate about helping people get back to the core of who they are, and I have done a lot of my own inner work to return to who I am. I know firsthand that to make changes in your outer world you must first make changes to your inner world. I realize that healing is a journey back to who we really are and have learned that our emotions contribute to our well-being. Our emotions are one of our tools to create the life we want. I was drawn to sound and vibration and when I came across Vibroacoustic Therapy, I knew this was something that could help people tune in to their own unique energetic frequency. I continue to study more energetic healing models and hope to bring to the world a place that integrates both technology and esoteric wisdom to help guide each person back to who they are – restoring the balance within.